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Marvel Comics BDS Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Phoenix (X-Men) 49 cm

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Emerging from a pedestal made of energy flames, a female figure with power and unlimited potential floats over a translucent fire, with her long red-haired hair lifted by her powers and wearing a skin-tight red, black and golden costume, she is one of the most feared and powerful cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe. Iron Studios, in their X-Men collection that forms a diorama with the main Marvel's mutant heroes facing Sentinel Robots controlled by Magneto and a legion of villains to back him up, now bring the entity "Phoenix Deluxe - XMen - BDS Art Scale 1/10", that presents in its pedestal the majestic mythologic
bird that inspires her name, also made by her powers' flames.

Getting back from a cocoon in the bottom of Jamaica Bay's waters. Believing to be the real Jean, Phoenix
fought by X-Men's side and saved the universe. But after being manipulated by mutant villain Jason
Wyngarde, known as Mastermind, Phoenix went crazy and became a mission in space, after facing a lethal
solar radiation storm, the X-Men are saved by the mighty telepath hero Jean Grey. When she was about to
die by radiation poisoning, Jean was saved by the cosmic entity known as Phoenix Force, a universal,
immortal, and immutable force, known as the personification of the very creation's passion, and one of the
most feared beings in all existence. At this moment the Phoenix Force took the form of Jean, creating a
duplicate body of her and absorbing her memories, personality, and part of her consciousness. After that,
she cast the real Jean Grey into suspended animation in strange a universal threat known as Dark Phoenix.

Jean was rescued in her stasis, and after a while, other factors led her to possess a spark of Phoenix's
consciousness and residual energy.

Size: 49 x 42 x 22 cm

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