Sousai Shojo Teien Plastic Model Kit 1/10 Koyomi Takanashi Ryobu High School Summer Clothes 15 cm

568 kr


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Following in the footsteps of Ritsuka and Madoka, here comes Koyomi in her summer uniform!

Feel the cool, refreshing vibe from her white shirt shining bright under the summer sun!
She comes with a variety of newly designed expressions, including an open-mouth smile and a crying face.
The head parts are made detachable, so you can reassemble the figure to wear other characters' uniforms.

Parts that may be difficult to paint, such as the face parts and stripes on ribbons, are pre-painted to make it easier and more enjoyable for first-time model-kit builders.
The build itself is also made simple with fewer parts, so that the figure can be assembled in a relatively short amount of time.
Assemble the figure faithful to the character's design by simply snapping the pieces together. Why not give it a shot?
*This model-kit requires additional tools such as nippers for assembly. Assembly time may vary depending on the individual.

Please note: For this item, demand is expected to be higher than the available quantity, which may result in allocations or cancellations of quantities ordered.

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