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Back to the Future III Art Scale Statue 1/10 DeLorean 57 cm

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In the American Old West in 1885 with their adapted wheels on the rails of an old railroad track, the legendary time travel vehicle created on a DeLorean DMC-12 sports car, rests prepared and transformed ready to be propelled by a powerful steam train, the only machine at the time capable of reaching the required speed to activate its time travel mechanism and enable their travel back to
the future to the year of 1985. Properly dressed for the period, its inventor, the scientist Dr. Emmet Brown, and his best friend, the young Marty McFly, get ready for their "scientific experiment" both decisive and determinant for their future.

Accidentally sent back to the year 1885 by a lightning that damaged the time shift circuits in his Time Machine DeLorean, the scientist Dr. Emmett Brown writes a letter to his best friend Marty McFly narrating the facts. But Doc, accepting his new life as a blacksmith in the Old West, asks him in the letter not to come back to 1885, fearing more damages to the space-time continuum. Against his friend's wishes, Marty recovers the DeLorean from an abandoned gold mine and gets back to the past to rescue his partner from a tragic fate. Both an audience and box-office success, "Back to the Future Part III" from 1990 is a Western Sci-fi, with love and adventure elements, that brings the conclusion to one of the most popular and celebrated movie sagas, establishing itself as a worshiped pop franchise in segments as animations, comics, books, amusement parks' theme rides, several videogames, a musical theater play, and many collectibles.

The Polystone Statue measures approx. 23 x 57 x 29 cm.


- Limited edition
- Based on original references
- Made in Polystone
- Hand painted

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