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Dororo Elite Fandom Diorama 1/6 Dororo & Hyakkimaru 48 cm

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In exchange for prosperity, feudal lord Kagemitsu Daigo allows 12 demons to devour his unborn son. The blind, deaf, and limbless infant is abandoned for dead but adopted by a kind doctor who crafts the growing boy a prosthetic body. Sixteen years later, Hyakkimaru embarks on a vengeful quest to slay the 12 demons and reclaim each of his stolen limbs and organs. Dororo, a young thief, travels alongside Hyakkimaru, serving as his eyes, ears, and voice.

When Hyakkimaru finally arrives on his father's land, he must confront the cursed wall of Fort Banmon, where the corpses of executed prisoners attract hungry ghouls after dark. In the dead of night, a horde of nine-tailed fox spirits descend upon their prey, beginning an epic confrontation that ends with Hyakkimaru coming face-to-face with his murderous father.

Dororo & Hyakkimaru Elite Fandom Statue debuts as the world's first polystone collectible inspired by the 2019 anime adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's legendary manga. As a special tribute to the story, Hyakkimaru's prosthetic forearms are functionally crafted to slide off like they do in the anime, revealing the diecast metal blades mounted beneath. An alternative Hyakkimaru portrait complements this function, portraying him holding the removed prosthetic arms with his teeth, as he bares his forearm blades or wields his interchangeable katana against the spirits of five predatory Kyubi.

Sculpted with woodblock-style accents, the translucent ghouls crawl from the wreckage of Banmon's wall in a final act of retaliation. Hyakkimaru glides effortlessly along the crumbling boards penetrated by executionary arrows and scarred by the Kyubi's deadly claws. Dodging safely behind a protective Hyakkimaru, Dororo hides alongside two significant Easter Eggs-the talisman bearing the Daigo family crest, which Hyakkimaru used to identify his father, and the headless Goddess of Mercy statue, which protected Hyakkimaru from being completely devoured at birth.

Masterfully crafted by historical-fantasy sculptor, James W. Cain, Dororo & Hyakkimaru Elite Fandom Statue is a showcase of Japanese artistic flourishes and details, from the textile of Hyakkimaru's kimono to the Sengoku Period temple circling the base. The foundation of the statue contains miniature replicas of twelve demon idols found within the forbidden Hall of Hell, with six already destroyed, symbolizing Hyakkimaru's quest to reclaim his body.

Dororo & Hyakkimaru Elite Fandom Statue is the first Figurama Collectors piece to include unique display stands for both of Hyakkimaru's prosthetic arms and his katana, as well as a bust stand for his interchangeable portrait. Every statue includes an exclusive art print and Certificate of Authenticity signed by Figurama Collectors CEO Mr. Shanab, 3D Artist James W. Cain, and Concept Artist Daniel Kamarudin.


- 1/6 scale
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Materials: Polystone, PVC, Metal Diecast
- Includes: Three Swappable Heads for Hyakkimaru (third head images to be provided early next week), Hyakkimaru Slide-off left and right arms swappable, Swappable head bust stand, Prosthetic arm display stand, Katana display stand, Exclusive A3 art print

Product Size: 48 x 34 x 31 cm

Edition Size: 1200 pieces worldwide.

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