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HG Dagger L 1/144

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", the mass-produced machine "Dagger L" is made into a plastic model for the first time with new modeling!
■ "Easy assembly" & "replacement gimmick" that makes you want to collect multiple machines ■
Adopts the equipment replacement system "striker pack system" of the same standard. It can also be equipped with the separately sold "Jet Striker" and "Aile Striker".
■ Beam carbine, beam saber, shield included.

■ Beam carbine x 1
■ Beam saber x 2
■ Shield x 1

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Release Date:Apr 2021
Series:Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY
Item Size/Weight:33.0cm x 22.0cm x 7cm / 300g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Simple Grunt kit, great for beginners!

The 'Dagger L' is a more streamlined version of the previous 'Dagger' mobile suit, which are mass production units in "Gundam Seed Destiny", based on the protagonist's Strike Gundam from the forerunner show "Gundam Seed" in the 'Cosmic Era' timeline.

It's a mostly, if not entirely, anime accurate portrayal of the mobile suit. It is deliberately simple, because it's meant to be a mass production unit.
The plastic comes in a blue'ish purple, red, off-white (almost bone colored), some dark grey inner frame, lilac details and a striking looking clear blue visor.
The design is a little retro and is reminiscent of the original "GM" grunts from the first Gundam show, which are likely an inspiration for these.
There aren't a ton of detail, but it doesn't need it. Enough panel line opportunities to make it stand out.

There are zero stickers. None. Zilch. Nada. Nothing to correct on the model kit, which is a good thing. 10/10.

The articulation is fairly average, though you can put it in some decent poses. There is no ankle joint, so that's a bit limited and relies on the ball and polycap to do all the work.

Since this is based on the 'Strike Gundam' mobile suit, that means it is compatible with "Striker Packs", a modular system for swapping out backpack attachments, though none are included with this kit.
It means that you can use backpacks from other Seed kits, but apart from the HG Windam's flight back and 2014 HG Aile Strike's flight pack, I don't know which other ones fit.

HG kits almost always are attached with polycap ball joints, but this one has a peg attaching the torso to the waist and an internal joint that allows the torso to lean side to side as well as bend forwards and back a little.

1 Beam Carbine (short rifle)
2 Beam Saber hilts and 2 beam saber effect parts. The hilts attach to the side skirts.
1 Shield which attaches onto one of two balls on a brace that clips on to either arm.
2 Equipment holding hands

It's an ideal beginner's kit that isn't just an entry grade or a 30 Minute Missions kit. The only thing is the antenna that attaches to the helmet which is a tiny bit loose and easy to damage if you don't pay attention when snipping it out from the runner, but it's barely worth mentioning.
It's a good cheap option to practice some painting.

The color separation is good, the articulation is fine (nothing outstanding, nothing bad), it's got a minimalist loadout that you don't need to store (apart from the saber effects, but that's the usual) and it's a fun solid kit that fits in with pretty much any gunpla.
If you collect gunpla, it's easy to get overwhelmed with Gundams of all sorts. You need some Zaku's, GM's and kits like this Dagger L to add some variety.

Jesper Johnsen
Det bedste køb!

Købte et nybegynder sæt til min far i julegave! Kom hurtig med posten og han kan næsten ikke vente med at få igang med at bygge den. Super fed service.

Hjalte Batsberg
Godt og hurtigt!

Den er meget nem og hurtig at bygge og den ser rigtig sej ud! Ville anbefale den til en hvis man er begynder! 5/5

HG Dagger L 1/144
HG Dagger L 1/144 Salgspris353 kr