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HG MS-08TX[NF] Efreet Jaeger - P-Bandai 1/144

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation Code Fairy"

Efreet Jaeger on board Helena Hegel of the Principality of Zeon "Noisy Fairy Corps" is commercialized in the HG series!

Efreet Jaeger's characteristic airframe shape and armament are reproduced with new modeling! A new dedicated sniper rifle is included!


-Reproduce the body shape of Efreet Jaeger with new modeling in various places!

  Reproduce the shape of each part of Efreet Jaeger that can handle from sniper battle to close combat.

  The head, shoulder armor, arm shield, chest, waist armor, legs, and backpack are reproduced with new modeling.


  The knee pad on the right knee that supports the sniper posture reproduces expansion and contraction by replacing parts.


● Reproduce personal color with molding color

  The body color based on purple is reproduced with the molding color.

  The blue spike armor at the tip and the coloring of the leg armor are also color-coded with the molding color.


-Reproduce the exclusive sniper rifle with new modeling!

  Reproduce the large sniper rifle with rich details. You can hold both hands by using the attached flat hand.

  Jewel seal is used for the sensor part of the scope.


-Various weapons such as new heat knives are newly included!

  Includes a variety of weapons such as heat knives, crackers, and shotguns.


  Heat knife

  Reproduce the curved heat knife with new modeling.

  Can be mounted on the waist with new joint parts for suspension.



  The cracker and mount rack equipped on the left leg are reproduced with new parts.

  The crackers can be removed.



-Comes with a sticker containing the unit emblem mark etc.



Attached armament: Dedicated sniper rifle / Heat knife / Shotgun / Cracker

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