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HG Load Astray Ω - P-Bandai 1/144

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Astray bearing the name of "Ω"

From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ASTRAY The Princess of the Sky", Load Astray Ω is commercialized in the HG series.

The characteristic airframe structure of each part and the road longsword, which is a special weapon, are reproduced with new modeling parts.

The red lines on the arms and legs use metallic molding colors.



-Reproduce the details of Load Astray Ω with new parts!

  A head with a unique shape, a back unit such as a backpack that mounts a specially armed road longsword,

  In addition, the impressive modeling of each part such as limbs is reproduced in detail with new parts.



  Reproduce the head with a sharp and stylish shape, including a large antenna.


  Chest, arms, legs

  Reproduce the characteristic modeling of each part such as chest duct shape, knees and ankles, shoulder armor and wrists.

  The characteristic red lines on the arms and legs are reproduced in metallic molding colors.


  Rear unit

  Reproduce the backpack that mounts the road longsword and the propulsion unit parts of the waist.


-Comes with a road longsword that reproduces a variety of gimmicks!

  Reproduce the characteristic special armed road longsword gimmick that changes variously, such as the basic big sword state, the twin sword divided into left and right, and the bellows sword state where the blade expands like a whip from the handle part.


● New design marking sticker included

  A special marking sticker with patterns and emblem marks that color each part of the aircraft is available.


Attached armament: Load Longsword

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