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Masters of the Universe: Revelation™ Jigsaw Puzzle He-Man™ and Skeletor™ (1000 pieces)

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No duo embodies the everlasting struggle between good and evil like He-Man and Skeletor. On one side, we see Prince Adam, better known as He-Man, who protects Castle Grayskull and all its valuable secrets with the Sword of Power. On the other side, we see Skeletor, the Lord of Destruction and archenemy of He-Man. Oh, how you can feel the bristling tension between them while searching for the right pieces to finish this great work of art.

The Jigsaw Puzzle consists of 1000 pieces made of high-quality cardboard, measures 48cm × 68cm when completed and brings the iconic art and characters of the epic Masters of the Universe REVELATION series to your table!

An absolute must-have for fans of puzzles and the legacy of Masters of the Universe alike.

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