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MG MS-06S CHAR'S ZAKU II VER. 2.0 1/100

Salgspris750 kr

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Version II kom mere end 10 år efter den første. Inner framen er helt ny og artikuleringen er bedre. Ud over alle de sædvanlige våben medfølger der også en lift, så Char kan komme ind i sit cockpit.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.


Release Date:May 2007
Series:Gundam 0079
Item Size/Weight:31.0cm x 20.0cm x 13.0cm / 660g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jani Wiklund
Fantastic beast

It's pink, it's ugly and it makes no sense, but what a fantastic beast it is.

I wish I could recommend this as a starter MG kit, it has so many good things going on for it - it's a joy to assemble (except the tubes), it's the most solid gunpla I own and it's so clean and has large surfaces. Assembly on this is an outstanding sample of how great an experience the assembly process for gunpla can be and it feels almost criminal to hide the wonderful under frame and all the technical details and inner workings under the pink panels. It's very solid and sturdy and all the joints have a great feel due to soft plastic joint sockets (poly caps) and all the usual fantastic poseability and detail of gunpla, but there are also some flaws here that would make a very bad early experience for someone looking into MG gunpla. The external tubing was a nightmare to assemble. Individual moving fingers is something gunpla have moved away from for a reason, they look very nice but don't really work and getting this otherwise super solid and stiff model to actually wield it's weapons is very challenging. Rubbing transfers were an interesting experience and they look better than stickers, but they are also flimsy, sensitive and much harder to apply and it's also very easy here to see why they are not used anymore in later kits.

Overall, I recommend this very much, it's my favourite chonky boi and overall a fantastic kit that I would love to 5 star, but the flaws on it are so noteworthy that I'd prefer to give it a 4.5 star rating instead. It was one of those builds you can't put down. 5 stars for a more experienced builder or a gunpla enthusiast, to be experienced after having first experienced a proper, more modern MG kit. You have to have a Zaku anyway, and this is Char's personal Zaku after all.

Rasmus Erixon Pierrou

MG MS-06S CHAR'S ZAKU II VER. 2.0 1/100

Kristofer Andersson
A must for all Gundam lovers

Everybody must have atleast one Zaku in their collection and i highly recommend this kit. Its big and very easy to build and looks so cool.

Alle skal ha en Zaku i samlingen

Er super fedt kit der desværre kun har en lille fejl hænderne er utrolig svære at få til at holde våbene men f it det er en Zaku for pokker da så køb KØB KØB

MG MS-06S CHAR'S ZAKU II VER. 2.0 1/100
MG MS-06S CHAR'S ZAKU II VER. 2.0 1/100 Salgspris750 kr