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MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese EW 1/100

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Lad Tallgeese elskerne feste. Dette EW kit i MG versionen skuffer ikke. Fede gimmick på thrusters og head camera. Inkluderer den massive Rifle og Shield, som Tallgeese betjener med lethed.

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Release Date:Jan 2013
Series:Gundam Wing
Item Size/Weight:31.0cm x 20.1cm x 13.3cm / 630g
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Concha Guerra
Amazing build!

Absolutely amazing build, the detail and parts are amazing, as many have said the only low point are the booster decals but aside from that its sturdy and looks cool as heck

Nicolai Johannsen
Fremragende mg kit!

Mg kit i fremragende kit, mange detaljer og en fornøjelse at bygge!

Chunky Greco/Roman Antagonist

While I didn't get this specific version, I did get the P-Bandai "Fluegel" which contains this entire kit and more. If you are so lucky, I recommend getting the 'Fluegel' version, which is excellent.

The OZ-00 Tallgeese is the early antagonist mobile suit, a testbed progenitor of all Gundams in the 'Gundam Wing' anime/manga, a sort of "proto Gundam" before the "Proto Wing Gundam Zero" itself.
It is the "Ferrari F40" of Mobile Suits, raw handling, raw power and a minimum of electronics/software which makes the machine entirely dependent on the pilot's capabilities. It has the best materials, the best actuators, the best electrical systems, but it lacks the software to handle all of these things for the pilot.
Coupled with two powerful rocket boosters on its back, it accelerates so forcefully and so quickly that it pushes beyond what a healthy human male can handle.
The grunt mobile suit OZ-06 "Leo" is the mass produced version of the Tallgeese, with far more reasonable material costs, at the expense of performance and durability, but doing a quite admirable job despite, allowing a skilled pilot to keep up with even the Gundams.

While the colors are not TV anime accurate (being an "EW" kit), the proportions are, with its small head and thunder thighs.
The kit comes with a decal sticker sheet, a decal dry transfer sheet and a color correction sticker sheet with red/gray dots for the circular indents around the armor and two yellow large stickers for the sides of the booster wings, which are fairly terrible. Use paint instead, as they have lines denoting the area in question. There are yellow plastic parts in the kit, so it's odd that they didn't make two for the wing tips.
The only other correction are the clear lenses which should've been blue. It is fixable with a blue sharpie. Despite this, the kit has nice color separation and looks mostly like the promotional images.

Despite the chunky proportions, this kit has a fairly large range of movement compared to its Gundam counterparts. Its ankles especially have very wide angles on them and it can do an impressive standing split. While nothing too special, the articulation is overall very good.
The neck (and head) tilts.
The boosters on the back can be angled/lifted and turned, as well as opened to reveal two thrusters inside that can also be angled. The cockpit hatch opens to reveal Zechs Merquise sitting inside.
The back skirts can be opened to reveal their own thrusters. The side skirts have pegs that goes into the thighs, so they move together.
There are two articulated arms attachable to each shoulder (which have flaps that open to reveal a slot), which hold the Dober Gun rifle on the right arm and the shield on the left arm.
The center of the knees push out when the legs bend.

1 Shield with a handle and a ball joint attachment point for the shoulder arm.
The shield holds 2 Beam Saber hilts, which have 2 red curved beam saber effect parts.
1 Dober Gun attachable to the right shoulder arm with an internal spring that gives a recoil effect when the barrel is pushed in. It has a grip and a side handle, however due to the awkward position it can be hard to use the main grip unless you point the rifle out to the left or right (this was fixed with the newer RG version of the Tallgeese), so using the side handle instead is recommendable.

The Tallgeese is my favourite mobile suit, probably of all of the Gundam franchise and while I think this 2013 kit does it justice, I personally prefer the 2018 Real Grade version for that little more 'oomph' in design and execution.
Is this kit recommendable? Absolutely, it's actually a really solid kit even compared to its EW Gundam counterparts and while it is a little dated, it doesn't have any flaws that I've found.
If you want the boosters, get this kit, but if you want the 'better' version of this kit, get the Premium Bandai Tallgeese "Fluegel", if you can get it.

There are more versions of the Tallgeese, so which one should you get?
It's up to which one you think looks better, there is no major mechanical difference that truly sets them apart, except for the Real Grade which has no polycaps, only plastic parts and a rock solid build.

While I am biased, I've been entirely honest about this kit. The Gundam Epyon stands out more and features a transformation and quite a different look, if you prefer a "Gundam" aesthetic antagonist that can do a little more.
For me, the Tallgeese is a design that has grown on me since my childhood when I first saw it as a bit silly with its bright red mohawk and thick thighs. Now I see a 'sleeper' mobile suit that belies its true power that easily rivals the protagonist mechas, pushing its pilot to the extreme and in return giving him the power he needs to set his mark on the world.

Luis Henrique Barbosa

MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese EW 1/100