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MG XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock EW 1/100

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Mega lækkert kit af Sandrock med hans signature våben, Heat Shotel som ser awesome ud.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

      Base ikke inkluderet.

      Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

      Release Date:Nov 2011
      Series:New Mobile Report Gundam-W: Endless Waltz
      Item Size/Weight:22.0cm x 34.0cm x 14.0cm / 890g
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      Customer Reviews

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      Awesome Blades

      All of the MG 'Endless Waltz' kits are Katoki redesigns of the originals, they are solid builds and this one is no different. The articulation is not as advanced as kits from other lines (due to the 'Wing' Gundams being a little bit smaller/more stocky), but they can all strike a pose quite well.

      The Sandrock was made to be the commander of a small army of Maganac mobile suits, with an internal system to coordinate them in battle, while also being a fearsome melee machine.
      The kit includes two giant shotel blades (ancient curved Ethiopian swords), two handles and two pairs of blades, one set in metal injection plastic and another in clear red. There is also a shield on which the blades can be attached to make a giant 'pincer' or crab claw.
      The handles fold and can fit on the back of the model, which look like 'blade wings' or tails.
      Finally there is a submachinegun (looks like an uzi) which features a folding stock and a folding handle/magazine and can be stored on the back of the model or on the shield itself.

      It's a nice looking kit which features quite a bit of detail, compared to the other kits in the same line, which are typically a little bare (as was the style in the late 90's).

      This kit also comes in two P-Bandai versions, a re-color and the 'Armadillo' version which features giant shoulders, side and front shields as well as what is included in this kit (apart from a dry-transfer sheet).