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PG Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility + Divine Expansion Set 1/60

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A perfect corner beast

Unicorn Gundam reproduced in perfect grade

P E R F E C T I B I L I T Y  

Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility that appears in the WALL-G special video "Mobile Suit Gundam UC Perfectibility"

Commercialized with the perfect grade that seeks the ultimate expression.
The blue psycho frame is reproduced by clear blue molding and equipped with 5 types of armed armor series.
● Blue psycho frame
  The exterior of the main body is white, and each psycho frame is reproduced by clear blue molding of the light collecting material.

  By installing an LED unit (sold separately), you can enjoy a light emission expression that has a different impression from the conventional Unicorn Gundam.

● 5 types of armed armor series

  Increased Psycho Frame Weapon "Armed Armor"

  Armed Armor HJ, BS, VN, XC, DE 5 types of armed armor are included.

  Armed Armor HJ

   The prototype of the Armed Armor series, Hyper Beam Javelin, is reproduced with completely new modeling.

   Equipped with various deformation gimmicks from storage form to deployment form.
   Big size with a total length of about 600 mm!

  Armed Armor BS / VN / XC

   Three types of armed armor that Banshee was equipped with.

   The psycho frame exposed at the time of deployment is reproduced by clear blue molding.

  Armed Armor DE

   Armed armor with a stabilizer that the Narrative version of Phenex was equipped with.

   The arm of the backpack that suspends the DE2 machine is reproduced with new parts.

   Equipped with a transformation gimmick, it supports Destroy mode and Unicorn mode.
● Water transfer type decal

  Includes a water transfer decal with a new design marking drawn by Hajime Katoki.

Attached armament: Armed Armor HJ / Armed Armor BS / Armed Armor VN / Armed Armor XC / Armed Armor DE / Beam Magnum / Beam Saber

Accessories: Dedicated stand

Experience the overwhelming quality on a 1/6 scale!

Unicorn Gundam equipped with all the set weapons 

<P E R F E C T I B I L I T Y --D I V IN E->

Unicorn Gundam Perfectability Divine, which is equipped with full armor unicorn equipment, has been commercialized in perfect grade. Various heavy weapons for Divine, large boosters, back unit, etc. are included with some new modeling. Water transfer type decals are also included.


This product is equipped with "PG 1/60 Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility" (sold separately).

Armed and optional parts set to reproduce "Unicorn Gundam Perfectibility Divine".

【 set content 】

 ■ Beam Gatling Gun x 2

 ■ Hyper Bazooka x 1

 ■ Grenade Launcher x 1 

 ■ Beam Magnum x 1

 ■ Large thruster x 2 


 ● A set of back connection joints

    ・ ・ ・ A new back unit equipped with armed armor DE and large thrusters on the back.


 ● A set of armed connection joints

    ・ ・ ・ A set of various connection joints equipped with Hyper Bazooka, Grenade Launcher, Beam Gatling Gun, and Beam Magnum on the back unit and legs is included.


 ● Water transfer decal x 1

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Series:Gundam UC (Unicorn)
Item Size/Weight:59.0cm x 40.0cm x 18.0cm / 3370g Manufacturer:Bandai

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