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RG Tallgeese EW 1/144

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OZ-00MS.

Tallgeese som set i  "Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz" er nu også at finde i RG model linjen. Gode artikuleringsmuligheder. Featuring sin Super Vernier, Dover gun med udskiftning af magasin og en blowback gimmick. Tallgeese kan ligeledes "låses" for at øge stabiliteten, så den kan pose selv med store våben. Indeholder Dover Gun, Circle Shield, Beam Sabers (x2) og stickers.

OBS. Ønsker du water slides til dette kit, så finder du det her

Base ikke inkluderet.

Ikke egnet til små børn, da der er mange små dele.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sameh Hassan
Modern RG kit with no considerable issue

Unique design, very stable and easy to articulate, the knee joint is tricky but I like it’s uniqueness.

Jan Kristensen
endnu et genialt sæt

endnu en genial gundam som blev hurtigt leveret, og som er virkelig flot når den er samlet, og på trods af at den er tung på ryggen kan den sagten stå selv alligevel

Vibeke Jacobsen
Hurtig og korrekt levering

Dejligt med en lille personlig hilsen
Pakken er til mit barnebarn, men han ska først have den om en uge, så den er ikke åbnet endnu.
Men jeg ved at han bestiller meget hos Gundam. Han er stor fan af jer

One of the best RG's Bandai has made - My favourite RG

(Revised review 1½ years since I wrote the first one)

"I've mastered countless Mobile Suits, so why?! WHAT AM I AFRAID OF?!!!!!"

"It's capable of defeating any enemy, but it has a flaw: Its pilot is a human being."

“I really underestimated the Tallgeese; it completely ignores the commands of the pilot. It has an audacious design that far exceeds today’s most advanced equipment. It takes into consideration all types of battle patterns and makes it possible for the one suit to achieve victory on its own; at least, that’s how I’ve found it. But I’ve become such a coward.

The more I try to utilize the abilities of the mobile suit the more I doubt my own abilities. I start asking myself, ‘Is that all you’re capable of doing?’ Rather than a suit for battle, you could say it’s a suit for dueling. It takes a brave pilot to bring out its true potential, brave enough to risk death for victory..."

–Zechs Merquise, on the Tallgeese

The antagonist progenitor of all Gundams in Gundam Wing, a testbed monster that went far beyond what was necessary.

This kit uses the EW color scheme for the Tallgeese. The TV version is a Premium Bandai kit.
The RG version of the Tallgeese has a slimmer silhouette than the MG version, noticeably the thighs are a lot thinner and the chest is less pronounced.
The panel lines are a little shallow in some places.

This comes with a sheet of RG style sticker decals with foil stickers. careful with the foil, it can rub off.

This is the first RG kit to come with a plastic inner frame and not the dreaded MS Joint System of the earlier RG kits, which tend to get loose.
This is solid as a rock.
You can assume this kit to be more advanced than the Master Grade EW Tallgeese in all aspects.

Articulation is very good even for an RG - The waist swivels and tilts.
The top head is removable and reveals the 'Leo' head underneath with a golden visor.
The chest can lock in place with a tab on the back. Cockpit hatch opens.
The two boosters on the back split open and the outer thruster bells move along with the 'wings'.
The shoulders have flaps that open to reveal attachment points.
All waist skirts move or open in some way. The side skirts open and can be pegged to the thighs. The back skirts open and move separately on a ball joint. The front skirt can be unlocked and lifted.
The knees "pop out" when the legs bend.

1 Dobergun Rifle - This fixes the articulation issue the MG had, by allowing the main handle to swivel out from the gun and is far more posable. The barrel and slide recoils, and the magazine is detachable - Can be attached via a mini-arm on the right shoulder.
1 Shield - A round shield with an articulated handle, attachable to the left shoulder mini-arm - It has two holders for beam sabers that swivel out.
2 Beam Sabers stored in the shield - Comes with *4* beam saber effect parts, two red and two clear, which is unique.
2 detachable mini-arms that are on the shoulders.
7 hands, 2 fists, 2 holding, 1 tilted holding, 2 expressive/open hands.

Note that the white plastic is hard and glossy, meaning you need to clean up the nubs and polish the plastic back up with something like a Raser Balancer. It also means that the plastic is more prone to cracking or breaking - The small wing tips are especially vulnerable, but if you pay attention when cutting out parts, you'll be fine.

Besides that, this is a very elegantly simple kit to build. It doesn't drop parts, it's easy to pose and it stays in that pose longer than you or I will live.

The Tallgeese is my favourite Mobile Suit in the Gundam franchise.
When I first saw it back in the 90's, I thought it was ugly and un-cool, but since then it's grown on me and when I got this RG I turned my opinion 180 degrees and I love how it looks.

I've built all of the RG's since (last one Hi-Nu, as of this date) and 1½ years after I built this, it is still my favourite RG kit.

Newer kits do more or have more parts, but in some ways this is still the best RG kit 10/10 recommendation.

Jeg er SÅ tilfreds med disse anmeldelser. Fortsæt endelig med det :) Stærkt!

Kristian Sørensen
Genial Model

Alt om denne model føles perfekt; udseende, funktion og konstruktion.

Tak for den flotte produktanmeldelse Kristian!