SD Gundam BB411 Huanggai Gouf and Six Combining Weapons Set B

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199,00 kr
■ "Old General of War" Huang Gai Gouf has re-kitted his outfit!
■ Metallic gloss injection is used in some parts, and it has been changed to a luxurious body color!
■ 6 types of combined armament (B) of metallic molding are attached, and 12 combined huge armaments are reproduced by combining with (A) attached to "Dian Wei Assimer Jia Xu Siege Weapon Set & 6 types of combined armament (A)" can!
■ Package illustrations are newly drawn!

■ Tiger Claw Shield x 1
■ Iron Crushing Whip x 1
■ Gono Blade Five Tiger Blade x 1
■ Rokuno Saw Rokudo Saw x 1
■ Nanawa Seven Kenwa x 1
■ Hachino Wand Eight School Wand x 1
■ Eleven Saw Eleven Sea Wand x 1
■ Twelve Saw Twelve Ten Shield x 1

[Product Details]
■ Molded Product x 6
■ Seal x 1
■ Instruction Manual x 1

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