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ULTIMAGEAR Millennium Puzzle

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As the first of "ULTIMAGEAR" that ultimately reproduces the most attractive settings of the items in the play with the technique unique to the plastic model, "Thousand Year Puzzle" is three-dimensionalized from "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters"!
■ Ultra-difficult puzzle experience-type plastic model just like "real".
■ "ULTIMAGE AR Millennium Puzzle" has a two-step assembly process. The first step is the process of assembling the puzzle piece of the millennial puzzle as a plastic model, and the second step is the process of completing the millennial puzzle as a puzzle. From the second process, it is a specification that "the procedure to completion is not described" that was not in the previous plastic model.
■ In order to complete this product, the order of fitting the pieces, the fitting position, and the innumerable assembly patterns created by the combination of movements such as sliding and rotation after fitting, relying on your own inspiration, the path to a very slight completion. Need to be derived.
■ The finished product is a full-scale product with a total length of about 10 cm.

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Release Date:Aug 2021
Item Size/Weight:29.6cm x 18.7cm x 5.5cm / 230g


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Dung Pham Ngoc
Helt tifreds

Alt det jeg har forventet. Pakken kommer til tiden. Indholdet er det som det skal være. Handler her igen når jeg finder på noget interessant.

ULTIMAGEAR Millennium Puzzle
ULTIMAGEAR Millennium Puzzle Salgspris673 kr